Mnumi Wizard

Printer management web system - ordering, storing and sending. Also allowing to design end products, like calendars, business cards, cups etc.

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Type of project
Web app
End date
php (symfony 2), JS, HTML, CSS


Mnumi is one of the most popular printer management company in Poland. They offer complex, 3 module system with store and company management, as well as allowing to design end print products through web app. We had great pleasure to co-create one of these modules together with Mnumi.


Mnumi wizard offered a great challenge - designing and implementing systems logic wasn't much problem for us, but implementing apps interface relied on very advanced javaScript, which required us to make sure, communication between Back End (server side) and Front End (client side) had to be perfect.

Mnumi wizard allowed company to open for a whole new market.

mnumi live


Project mnumi, despite its broad functionality, was complexly prepared by us. Thanks to consultations and tests, together with our client, we've created a product offered to wider audience, who could but system and implement it in their own company, while using its full functionality.

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