PAR Bakula

Maintenance and development of a warehouse and sales system based on Comarch ERP XL, GLS API, Qguar WMS.
Creation of proprietary systems: invoice distribution, warehouse, order and analysis modules. Integration of the whole system through WebApi.

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Web application
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The partner of this project is one of the biggest importers, producers and distributors of promotional gifts and promotional items in Poland - PAR Bakuła, which consistently and creatively expands the range of offered solutions and services using the latest technologies.


The main requirement of the client is to maintain high availability and reliability of services, therefore every system update involves analysis, testing and adjustment of related additions to planned changes. It requires to carry out the documentation reliably and systematics of operations as well as to anticipate the consequences of the changes.


For the client, for several years we have created many additions that integrate ERPXL with other systems, primarily:
- Qguar - exchange of warehouse documents between ERPXL and WMS Qguar
- GLS - authorial application that allows you to generate shipments in the ADE-Plus system (courier GLS) based on WM and WZ documents of the ERPXL system.
- Online store - proprietary WEBAPI service allowing for data exchange of an online store with ERPXL (creation of ZS, generation of FS, inventory, product reservations, other data for creating analyzes)
- Subiekt GT - an application and service that allows you to import warehouse orders from the Subiekt GT system to WMS Qguar
- Analyzer - an authorial application for generating sales analyzes with ERPXL
- E-invoices - an authorial application used to send e-invoices from ERPXL via email in PDF and XML format (in EDI standard)

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Projects implemented for PAR are constantly developed and adapted to changing regulations. All systems, plugins and add-ons built around the ERP XL system, create a very complex structure.

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