Transport vessel control simulator. App usage is based on devices used to steer real ships.

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Type of project
Desktop app
End date


Our client for this project was Botatechnik - a company that serves in the offshore market, selling and servicing ship's propulsion systems. Build upon knowledge and experience, they offer their clients high level of customer service, a fact being proved by numerous authorisations and certificates.


Creating the ship simulator was a big challenge for couple of reasons. First of all, Botatechnik required our app to interact with software used to steer real ships. Additionally, simulator had to be one of the leading element of our clients exposition during international fair Baltexpo. Therefore, the app acted as a first impression symbol for our clients service. Combined with ambitious deadline, it made task quite difficult.



The project required from us unconventional approach. Biggest challenge we've faced, was handling analogue devices, that are being installed on the vessels to control propulsion systems. Thanks to consultation and close cooperation with client, we were able to create app, that met all the given requirements. On top of that, the app aroused quite noticeable interest during Baltexpo 2015.

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