Real estate management web app. For both developers, cooperatives, single apartment renters, as well as tenants. One of the most interesting projects we've been a part of.

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Type of project
Web app
End date
php (symfony 2), JS, HTML, CSS


Our partner during developement of BoxHouse was Hemnes company. Hemnes specializes in supporting startups and financing ambitious projects. They are strongly bound with real estate market (both polish and international). Seeing a lack of real state app accessibale for a wide spread of users, they've decide to do something about it. This is how our cooperation has started.


As a whole, Boxhouse was huge challenge. It required accurate analysis of requirements, that was meant to be werified and improved during the developement process. Additionally, the project required a whole app logic design. We had to adjust our realisation method and chose proper software developement methodology. As it turned out later - the app needs significantly outgrown its initial assumptions.


One of our most advanced web app project. Aside core of app, which is real estate management itself, in BoxHouse App, we have implemented lots of interesting solution, for example payment module, which took care of international PayPal payments. Additionally, we've implemented receivebales collectioning system, SMS notification system. Integrating google maps with autofill options improved process of adding real estates.

We've dealt with a project made from scratch, where many of the needs weren't clearly stated. This is why we've chosen well known Agile methodology - SCRUM. Thanks to applying itertive approach to software developement and testing intermediates, the app fulfilled real user needs much better.

Creating such complex app, and at the same time - maintaining its performance and security, we've decided to use Symfony 2 framework (PHP). Despite huge experience we've already had with this framework, its solidity and flexibility it offers, made it one of the best candidates to implement this project with.

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Year full of hard work paid off with official release.



BoxHouse was a project full of small and big challenges. It allowed us to apply newest solutions related to payments, sms handling, or vindication. Advanced real estate and user managemenet, rich application tests, allowed to assure its security. Huge experience in developing apps and managing a project, combined with satisfied client, made BoxHouse one of our favourite projects.

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