SMOG Educational Campaign

Educational game for students and teachers.
Two game modes: on time and learning, several levels, graduation diplomas and statistics.

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Type of project
Web application
End date
PHP, JS, sass


The application is part of the National Education Campaign SMOG. It is a project co-financed by the Ministry of National Education, created to raise people awareness and educate the public about air pollution and the possibilities of limiting it.


The challenge with this project was to create an application that will interest and satisfy the most demanding recipients, which are children and teenagers.



The app is very popular among students and teachers from the beginning. Because it combines elements of fun and education, it is readily used in schools as a scientific aid. The statistics module gives the opportunity to compete between student, class, school or provincial. The application was appreciated by the Ministry of National Education.. We are glad that we could take a part in such an extremely important campaign, which is the fight for clean air, which we all breathe.

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